Changing Faces Reflection

I feel like the changing faces project has been very challenging but exciting. It was nice to be given a project to showcase all of our skills and techniques that we have learnt and developed throughout the year. This project has allowed me to work with skills and techniques i am comfortable with yet also gave me the freedom to be expressive and experimental within my work. Seeing my work after it had been bound and put together gave me a sense of accomplishment and made me feel like i had achieved something contemporary and exciting compared the rest of the work i have produced this year. I am really pleased with the work i have created and i feel like it fits the theme of the article well and represents the content inside.

One of the main things that helped me and aided me throughout my work was printing the sheets off because it looks a lot different to how it does on the computer, this also enabled me to check the text and see how it looked in relation to the rest of the pages. This helped me spot errors in my work and made it easier to see where i had gone wrong. Although i feel like my work is expressive in the way its gets the idea across, i do feel like i could have been more experimental in the development stage, looking at more abstract ways to layout the text and look at different ways of mark making and image making to bring something unique and exciting to my work. I also feel that if i had been more experimental, i wouldn’t have had such an issue with my work feeling repetitive, i think I was too conservative with my choices which is something i will think about when designing page layouts in the future. Another issue i struggled with in this project was creating pace within my work. The issue here was that i wanted my work to look neat and uniform and it held me back when laying out my text and it was hard to break through this once i was comfortable with what i had created.

A main strong point for me throughout this project was consistently asking for feedback of my peers, this enabled me to question some of the choices i had made and generated new ideas to play with. If i was to extend this project further, i would defiantly play around with the white space a bit more and look at size and scale on my images and text and i would also look at taking my images further, perhaps adding some mark making on top of them to distort them further. I would also try and bring the element of light into my work somehow, whether this be through illustration or something physical like using certain inks that react differently under the light.



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