Changing Faces Book Binding and Exhibition preparation

Printing off my final sheets was an interesting experience. Because Touch studios printer had broken, we had to go to Vegaprint to get our sheets printed out. The quality of the sheets came out fine, however for some reason my PDF files wouldn’t print so we had to adjust them in indesign. It wasn’t until later when i got home that i realised that my middle page had printed out wrong for some reason. Originally it thought that maybe the file was too big so when i got home, i created a document with just the second page on and exported it as a PDF and JPEG. After returning to the print studio the next day, my PDF file still wouldn’t print (for some unknown reason) so i ended up printing out my JPEG file. However, because when he originally edited my pages the first time i printed them out, he reduced the size of them slightly so that they would fit on the page with a decent border. This produced a problem when it came to reprinting my second page as it was a different size by a few millimeters, creating issues with binding my sheets. Another issue i faced from the printed was the fact that on the second and last double page spread, the page had started to turn purple, however, i don’t think that there was much that could be done about that.


The first thing we did today in our workshop was trim the pages down. Before we did this however, we first scored where the fold would be in the page using the crop marks on the print. Because my second page had to be reprinted with no crop mark and slightly bigger, i didn’t trim this page fully down, i just creased it in the center. To ensure that my middle page was even with the rest of the pages, I stuck it to the over two pages from the middle, ensuring i left an equal gap on the top and bottom of the page. Using a spray adhesive i joined the pages, creating a small book. After I had stuck my pages together, i then could trim my middle page, this way all the sides would be even and there would be no white spaces from pages over lapping. The only tiny issue with this was that because we had to make sure that all the pages were trimmed down, this unfortunately meant that a tiny bit of the speech marks on my second page got cut off.



Overall i am really pleased with how my final piece has turned out. Due to the dodgey printing and technical error the binding stage of my work was made more difficult, however i managed to overcome this to create a well rounded price of work. Using the skills from the past year i believe i have developed a contemporary piece which include some key elements of the skills i have picked up.


This afternoon we were asked to help set up the space for our exhibition. After the second years had cleared the space and filled in a few holes, it was our job to sand, paint and bring tables into the space in preparation for putting our work up tomorrow. Everyone in the group worked effectively as a team to get the work done and prepare for our exhibition.


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