Feedback Final Development

Overall my formative feedback from this project was good, however there were still quite a few things that needed improving. One of the major things that i needed to work on was the pace and repetitiveness of my work. The first thing i changed from my formative feedback was that i moved a sub heading onto the first double page spread to lead the reader through my work. Another small adjustment i made to my work was by increasing the margins slightly as the inside margin needed to be slightly wider.

On my first development of my work, the main focus was to change the pace a bit so that my work didn’t look repetitive. I decided to keep my last page the same because i really liked the layout of it, i thought it was clear and clean and produced a clear hierarchy on the page. I kept the style very similar to my previous design and decided to just remove an image on my second page and spread the text out to fit the gap with the quotes above and to the side of it. However this looked really blocky and didn’t really improve the pace at all.

Another thing on my feedback form was looking at how the pace of my work can be extended by using light and shade on my price. I then began experimenting with inverting my pages to see if that would make my page look less repetitive. In order to do this, i had to open up my patterns again in Photoshop and turn them white so that they would show up on a dark background. After turning the back ground black i then placed the new pattern files where the original pattern was and faded it out so it was a grey colour. With the white text sat on top it worked really well, you could still clearly read the text and it stood out and looked different and refreshing compared to the rest of the pages. I then also had to invert the quotes on Photoshop, originally i made them white however it looked a bit washed out and didn’t stand out from the text. With this in mind i decided to make my quotes a salmon pink colour to match the colour of the textured backgrounds on the other pages to keep consistency throughout my work. I really liked the fact that on my second page the pattern didn’t have as much detail and as many shades used because it was a block colour but it still looked good and it was still clearly linked to the other pages. I kept the text on this design the same as my original because i used this as an experiment to see what my page would look like inverted.

For my final design I decided to stick to the idea of inverting my second page. After speaking to my peers, they suggested maybe using a quote to cut into the text to break it up and create pace to make my pages look less repetitive. I decided to experiment with this and eventually came across a design i liked. It was difficult to come up with this because i didn’t want to leave too much white space on the page but i also didn’t want it to look too overcrowded so trying to get the right balance was really difficult. Another thing i found difficult was trying to put the quote in the appropriate place in the text so that it didn’t leave ‘orphan lines’ above or below it. I decided to have my quotes lined up with the text and have the quotation marks over hanging because i found that this made the text spread out more and made the quote look less cramped. The final thing i then looked at in my final design was type detailing, ensuring my rag was as balanced as it possibly could be and making sure that i had little/no widows or orphans.

Lorna Simmonds Final 10Lorna Simmonds Final 102Lorna Simmonds Final 103

Overall im really pleased with my developed outcome. I think adding the darker page in the middle works really well to break my piece up and give the article a refreshing vibe. The darkness of the second page also related directly to the article and doesn’t look as feminine as the other two pages. I feel that i managed to develop my work in a contemporary way, using hierarchy, pace, light and shade to make my pages more interesting and my work more engaging.


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