Ephemera development

My feedback from my printed ephemera project was overall good, however there were a few different things that needed more work. One of the main things i needed to improve on was the repetitiveness of my pages, in terms of the elements, each page was laid in the same way, so you knew what to expect on every page which wasn’t very interesting and exciting. For my development on this project i decided to switch things up a bit, moving the images, titles and quotes around on the pages to make my work more playful and give the piece a more contemporary feel. Another issue with my work was that the Jessica Walsh article spilled on to the back page which didn’t feel right or seem fair to the rest of the artist, so i redesigned my work to fit this in. To fit this whole article within the booklet, i switched a few of the artists round so that i could use two and a half pages for Walsh, squeezing Ezer onto the last page and a half. which overall worked really well.

Another element i decided to have a play around with was the sub heading. In my original the sub heading looked out of place and didn’t fit in very well in regards to positioning and typeface used. I decided to still use Avenir and Avenir Next for all my project because i feel like this typeface is contemporary and easy to read and fits nicely with my design. I didn’t like the way that my sub headings sat in a box on top of the images so i tried to move them around to be by the heading or to intersect the text to break it up and alter the pace of my pages. I thought that this technique worked really well, especially on the pages that had big chunks of text.


The front page of my ephemera also had some development. In my original, the hierarchy was very unresolved and i didn’t emphasize enough what it was actually about and put too much emphasis on elements on the page that weren’t as relevant such as the time and place. For my cover, i really needed to emphasize the title of the event much more so it didn’t look so lost, I did this my altering the design and increasing the size and weight of the title to give it priority on the page. I had also made the sponsors too small on my original, so i decided to increase the size and move it up to the top of the page as an introduction into the title.

final 4

The page below is an example of how i altered my pages to give it more pace and make it look well put together. Instead of the image being on the top left page and the title being on the top right, i decided to switch these around so that not every page was the same. I Also moved the sub heading into the middle on the left hand page to break up the text, i think that this works really well because the sub heading doesn’t look so out of place and awkward. Although each of my pages are now different in terms of element layout, they all still look consistent to each other and clearly follow a Graphic system.

final 44

The next two pages show how i altered the two articles to fit the Walsh article within the pages. throughout this booklet, i still decided to keep my images in the same style by spreading across the whole width of a single page. Like the rest of my booklet, i moved the sub heading around to fit within the page rather then on the image which works really well as an introduction on both of these articles.

final 47final 48

The final thing i developed in my ephemera was the back page. Because the Walsh article had been moved off the back page, this allowed more room for all the details about designboom and ¬†chapter. I decided to keep the back cover simple, moving everything into the center of the page and placing it on top of a semi-transparent square to make it look like it wasn’t just floating in the middle of the page.

final 49

Through my feedback, I was able to develop my work into a more contemporary piece, making my work more dynamic and interesting to look at. A strong and key element throughout my work i believe is the addition of a pattern, it brings the pages to life and makes them seem a lot more engaging and exciting. However, the struggle to put text over this led to a few issues initially which i over came by placing a semi-transparent square underneath which worked really well. I think the things that improved my work the most during this development was the new sub heading placements, moving Walsh of the back cover and developing my front and back pages. Overall i feel like the development of my work has pushed it even further, exploring the limits of page layouts and how much you can alter a page and still make it look consistent with the rest.

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