Presentation development

After my presentation, one of the first things i decided to change was the page style i was using. I moved all my work onto 3 double page spreads and made my pages wider but shorter to make it look slightly more contemporary and less like regular sheet sizes. I decided to used 3 double page spreads instead of 2 single and 2 doubles because i felt that i could be more experimental with my front page this way and try and make the pages look more dynamic and less broken up.

Although this wasn’t on the feedback i was given, I thought that the quotes seemed to lack a sense of importance and just faded into the background. To make them stand out more, i decided to recreate them in the same style as my title by hand drawing them and scanning them in to create a unique typeface, reflective of lyndseys condition. However, to ensure that they didn’t draw the attention away from the hierarchy i made sure they they were considerably smaller, but still one of the boldest items on the page so that the reader can look at the page and still want to read on because of the quotes.

I decided to completely change around my image placement and the whole layout of my work. Instead of looking at my spreads as single pages, i looked at the more as one page allowing me to spread my text and images across the pages to make my work look more interesting and so that i could experiment with pace. In my development i also edited my images. From the feedback i received on the presentation, the images worked well as a whole but the pages seemed very focused on the face as this was shown in multiple pictures. David suggested cropping some of my images to create different and abstract images. I decided to use these two images on the last double page spread and because of the way they were both cropped, it created a border on the page which worked well once i added my pattern, creating a nice areas to put my text and a big enough space so that i could try out lots of different text layouts. On my second double page spread, i wanted my images to look irregular and noticeably different to each other and the last page. For the second double page spread i used one large image and one small image, with one lapping over onto the two half’s so that my work didn’t look too repetitive and so that i could experiment with hierarchy and pace on this page. On the first double page spread, i used this mainly to focus on the image and the text, so that it clearly shows that audience what my article is about and also represents what can be seen throughout the work. I found that the irregular image placement of my second page contrasted nicely with the last page so i decide to keep this throughout, focusing more on the placement of the texts and the quotes.

most of my experiments with text layouts are relatively similar, its mainly just the last pages that changed the most with a few tweaks added to the first and second spreads. On the last page in this design, I decided to spread the text across the center of the page, using about 4 columns for each chunk of text. I then put the quotes adjacent to the images in the clear space, however, i don’t feel like this design worked very well. The last page seems like the images and quotes combined are limiting where i can put the text when they are positioned this way, it looks as if the text is ‘trapped’ by the rest of the page and looks really daunting to read because it looks like a massive chunk of text that has no pace. The first page i decided to leave clear so that it didn’t look too crowded and busy. On the second double page spread, i used the space created by the images to separate my text so that the text chunks weren’t too big. I set the text in a way that was an easy path for the eye to follow meaning that the page flowed nicely. I really liked the layout of my second page because i felt that it was clear to read and i liked the way that the quotes stood out on the page and kept the text confined into a space which i think worked really well.

On my second development, I decided to play around with the text again. On the second double spread i decided to fit the text so that it wrapped around the quote rather then being in a square. I think that this idea worked well for the chunk of text on the left however it then made that text on the right look out of place. For my last double page spread, I decided to create an element of negative space in the center of the page. For this i set the quotes on top of the images and put the text in the corners of the page. Although i think this design worked better then the previous design idea, i still felt like it looked out of place and i didn’t feel that the quotes looked right being placed on top of the image. There is no clear path for the eye on this page and the hierarchy gets muddled up because two strong elements of the page are placed on top of each other.

After some feedback from my peers, I decided to add some text to the front page. However, this didn’t seem to work too well and ended up looking too cramped and out of place. However, because i had put text on the first page, this meant that i could cut down on the text on my other two pages, balancing it out. I kept the layout on my second double page spread the same as my first attempt just with less text. On my last double page spread, I decided to use my quote as the main focus of this page, breaking up the text and drawing your eye immediately to the center of the page. The layout of this text flowed nicely and it was by far my favorite from my several attempts.

For my final design, I decided to get rid of the text on the front page and just leave it plain so that it doesn’t look too busy. I kept the rest of the page layouts relatively similar to the previous layouts, just moving a few elements slightly so that all of the text would fit on. Another change i made to my design was on the last page on the quote. Instead of having the ‘girl in the dark’  on the left, i moved it more over to the right so that it fitted better with the shape of the text, i did the same with the ‘back to the light’ quote too only moving it more to the left so that it also had a staggered effect. For this final design, i made sure that my rag was okay and made sure that the lines were even and started at the same height on the paragraphs that were next to each other.

I really like my final design and i feel like its a massive improvement from my design which i presented. Adding the hand drawn quotes made a huge difference to my design and brought my work together. I feel like i have created a clear hierarchy and path for the eye on each page and i really like how i’ve used the double page spaces to create something different on each page.  The only thing that worries me about my work is the repetitiveness of it. I feel like if i could invert one of the pages then this might break it up and make it more interesting to read. One thing i really struggled with with this design was trying to get the text to fit on two double page spreads without it looking crowded which i think i overcame during the design and experimental process of my work.

Lorna Simmonds Final with just crop marksLorna Simmonds Final with just crop marks2Lorna Simmonds Final with just crop marks3


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